Hello Planet Ubuntu

19 diciembre 2009

Hi to all the readers of Planet Ubuntu!

Some days ago my Ubuntu Membership application was approved by the EMEA board so I’m ready to introduce myself to the Ubuntu family:

I’m a 29 years old guy from Spain called Antonio Sánchez. I am a Computer Science Engineer and I’m also studying to get my BSc in Marketing.

I work for Isotrol (Cannonical’s Gold Partner) in the  Advanced Centre for ICT Schools Management, known in Spain as CGA. Nowadays, we are a team of 50 FLOSS enthusiasts whose main aim is to free the educational community from the IT stuff (600,000+ users). In order to achieve this objective, we have to manage the whole network of the ICT schools in Andalusia (400,000+ desktops and 3,500+ servers).

Moreover, CGA maintains Guadalinex Edu, distribution used in the desktops. Guadalinex Edu is an Ubuntu derivative which consists of educational packages from Edubuntu, general purpose applications of Guadalinex (our sister oriented to the citizen) and some new apps which we are developing for our users at this moment.

At the server side, we use Debian with a lot of stuff to install, deploy, upgrade and manage all the desktops.

Being an Official Ubuntu Member is for me a pleasant responsibility. I hope I can act as a positive externality for the Ubuntu Community; so, don’t hesitate to contact with me if you think I will be useful for you.


10 Responses to “Hello Planet Ubuntu”

  1. Enhorabuena!! Felicitaciones!

    Welcome to Planet too 😀

  2. Zac Says:

    Welcome also!!

  3. @Fabian: Thanks Fabian, I hope you’ll be having a great time with your famlily. Enjoy your holidays!

    Shang and Etienne are taking care of our bugs.

    @Zac: Thank you Zac!

  4. Congratulations and welcome!

  5. @Jonathan: Thank you Jonathan!

    Congrats for your new job at Revolution Linux!

  6. EtienneG Says:

    Hey Antonio! Congrats on the membership, and glad to read you on Planet!

  7. @Etienne: Thanks!

    I’m so excited about Lucid release, finally we are not upgrading to karmic and we are waiting for Lucid while our developers keep hands on some new apps.

  8. Manish Says:

    Welcome to Planet Ubuntu.

  9. Susana Gómez Says:

    Congrats! I’m very proud of you! Good luck!

  10. MEugenia Says:

    Felicidades por estar en ese selecto club, y por seguir con ese noble objetivo del software libre! 🙂

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