English and healthy

15 marzo 2010

This is a personal post with a double purpose for myself. I don’t think this post could have any interest for anybody, but if you want to keep reading you’re welcome.

I have recently wrote about my goals for this year and although I have a lot of subjects in this semester including my thesis degree, I don’t want to left the other goals forgotten.

On the one hand, one of my goals was to improve my English level so I have thought that to write in English in my personal blog could be a good idea to practice. I would be very pleased to learn from the mistakes you detect in my written English so you’re encouraged to left leave a comment if you want to help me.

On the other hand, I’m on my early thirties, and I planned to get more healthy doing some sport and loose some weight, so yesterday, I began to run around my neighbourhood for 20 minutes. Yesterday I thought my heart was going to go out of my mouth, but today I’ve just made the same route and I only have had to stop one time. It’s a pleasure to feel a little pain in my legs again.

I try with this kind of post to encourage myself to keep on with my goals making them public.


8 Responses to “English and healthy”

  1. alidhaey Says:

    A great idea.

  2. I made a mistake, when I wrote «…you’re encouraged to left…» I wanted to say «…you’re encouraged to leave …»

    Thanks Felipe.

  3. mmolina Says:

    Run as slow as you need, but during more time Antonio. You also could try to run/walk/run/walk, 10-15 minutes each stage, walking fast but running as slow as you need to feel comfortable, keeping your heart inside your chest 😉 You’ll sweat like a pig.
    Keep an eye on your eating habits.

  4. Paco Says:

    20 minutes, it´s a good start for your purpose. The most difficult is maintain and increase that rate 😉

  5. Susana Gómez Says:

    I’m very proud of you. Keep on going. You’re amazing!

  6. I think the first week I’m not going to increase the route and timing of the run. I’ve just finished the complete route without any stop.

    Talking about English I’ve been talking in English all the morning with our new Canonical’s Premium Service Engineer and I also feel more comfortable with the language (Thanks Tom for your efforts to understand me with my bad pronunciation).

    Thank you all for your comments and support!

  7. MEugenia Says:

    Antonio, creo que tu inglés es muy bueno, a mí me costaría escribir posts como el tuyo.
    En cuanto al deporte, te felicito, empezar a hacer algo de ejercicio, aunque sea gradualmente, y que te vayas sientiendo mejor, es todo un éxito.
    Yo con la lesión de rodilla, no puedo correr, pero ahora que viene el buen tiempo, a ver si retomo el senderismo. La bicicleta también podría venirte bien, todos los ejercicios aeróbicos te hacen perder peso y mantenerte en forma.
    Felicidades por tu fuerza de voluntad y por intentar llevar a cabo todos tus propósitos 🙂

  8. Antonio Calama Says:

    My dear friend; this idea of yours is very good one because improving english is the best way to communicate your ideas and proyects in this huge net. I encourage you to continue improving your english while I start adquiring a basic level of french and gain more fluently in catala.

    a ti y a Susana, os s’timo molt!

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